Morning Coffee is my virtual bar, where I would like to welcome all the people who share the same interests of mine or anyone who is just curious or simply wants to spend some time reading and discussing, together with a virtual cup of Italian coffee.

My wife says that I talk too much, and it is true, I have to admit… In the last few years I used to share pictures on the main social media, like Instagram, Facebook and so on, but at some point I felt that was not really satisfying me, just showing a picture, good or bad, is not what I really wanted.

Whenever I show my pictures to someone in real life, on a printed book or on my iPhone, I immediately start to tell the story behind and around that picture, I love to involve my friend I like to share my feelings and my experience.

That’s where the idea of Morning Coffee started, from the need to open my world to anyone who wants to know or see it.

You may know, I’m originally from the south of Italy, the place where people use to start their day with a cup of hot espresso, in a bar, talking to other people, reading a local magazine, planning the day.

MorningCoffee want to be a place like that, a virtual south italian bar, where you can have a relaxed time to read my stories, see my pictures, ask question, share idea and criticize.

I will be less is in the social channels, I will post less on my facebook page as I want you to come to my place end enjoy my world.

Here i will write about my passion for photography, my love for food, and my wanderlust, my love for traveling.

and, if we may meet in real life, I will offer you a real Italian cup of coffee, or better, espresso, please. 🙂

Last but not least, I know my English is not perfect at all, I apologise already for all the mistakes I will make. My mother tongue is Italian, but I want to be read by anyone in the world, that’s why I will use English as the main language.

Grazie e a presto,

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