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Speed and effort, panning on two wheels

Speed and effort on two wheels.

In these days is taking place the Skoda Tour de Luxembourg, the biggest cycling race in the Grand Duchy. I found myself there, by chance, during the trial, in the pouring rain and it was nice to see live the impressive strength and speed that employ these athletes, despite the adverse weather conditions as well.

I’m not a lover of sports photography, but “graphically” the scene has intrigued me a lot because he sped athletes one by one without confusion around and heavy rain that created reflections and interesting nuances.


So I said to myself as a shooting while Transmit speed, and athletes do this effort?

I thought of the “panning” technique is to use low times so only freeze subject movement and have everything else in motion.

The first test was once great and so I found a way to make it interesting and fun opportunity for photographic otherwise boring.

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