Painted sunset in Luxembourg

October is probably the best month to see the sunset because the sky is often more warm and nature shows its beautiful colors. Luxembourg also hasthe perfect scenario because it combines lush vegetation to a modern and ancient architecture, all in the same frame.

If to this we add a painted sky with delicate horizontal strokes then you just have to wait for the sun dips so the show begins. And the suspicion I had was right, when in the afternoon I took a ride to try out some lenses, so ‘I took the chance and I waited for Mother Nature. At some point, when the sun began to set, the sky was slowly colored of a beautiful and intense pink color. I wanted clone myself  to catch this show from different points, so I started to shoot and change the position with all the adrenaline that only those who does photography knows...

I had with me the Fuji XT1 and the Fujinon 23mm, no tripod, no special filters or polarizes. As the light diminished I increased the ISO, and I opened the aperture and, once again, the wonderful Fuji has proven to be very performing, even in low light.



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